This website was constructed for the primary purpose of disseminating biographical narratives of a particular generation of our family tree.  The constituency expected to be interested in this project would be descendants and relatives.  The individuals concerned are highlighted in red on our family tree:


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        These generations lived during the expansion and settlement of the Midwest including Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas and Oklahoma.  Their biographies cover the years indicated


Sarah Abbott (1798 – 1861)

John Alexander (1810 – aft. 1880)

Mary E. Alexander (1832 – 1918)

Mary E. Appleman (1833 – 1880)

Matthias Appleman (1807 – 1837)

Didama W. Clark (1820 – abt. 1855)

Tabitha H. Crouch (1809 – 1863)

Hannah Durbin (1827 – 1861)

Charles A. Dutton (1827 – 1898)

John Dutton (1791 – 1863)

Mary Edgerly (1807 – 1863)

George W. Gillispie (1829 – 1887)

William Gillispie (1809 – 1859)

Augustin Holland (1822 – 1891)

Sarah F. Holland (1846 – 1879)

Susanah Oman (1804 – 1888)

Sarah Roat (1810 – 1858)

Jesse T. Stanley (1843 – 1936)

John J. Stanley (1817 – 1880)

Ira S. Sutton (1806 – 1894)

Laura A. Sutton (1835 – 1908)

Mary Thomas (1812 – bef. 1870)

George White (1828 – 1924)

Zeboath White (1799 – 1863)


         If you have any additional information, or especially photographs, relating to these individuals, we would like to hear from you.  I am Richard Johnson, son of Wilma (Dutton) Johnson shown above, and I can be contacted through my e-mail address at


       Download links are provided to zipped files that are in PDF and MS Word (Docx) formats.  Both file formats have identical content.  The PDF files are generally much smaller and download faster.  The PDF format requires the Adobe Reader (freeware) to view the text.  All MS Word files have been converted to Office Word 2007.  The page format was expanded to 1” margins to provide space for hole punch and storage in two or three ring binders.  Also we are exploring the possibility of publishing a limited number of copies of the entire collection in a hard bound edition.


       Currently the biographies are being expanded to include the Agriculture Schedules from “selected” 1860-1880 U.S. Census records posted on  The schedules are similar to the Iowa and Kansas agriculture reports that we incorporated in previous revisions.  The schedules include land value, inventory of livestock, crop production, etc., for the year preceding the census. has not posted the agriculture schedules for States like Pennsylvania and Missouri, and in some cases, they have posted incomplete reports.  Biographies with revision dates after April 1st 2011 include data taken from the census agriculture schedules that we have been able to locate.




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