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The biographies can be downloaded in two formats, PDF or MS Word (Docx).  The PDF formats are generally much smaller in size and may download 10 times faster.  Both formats have identical content.  The MS Word format is Office Word 2007. We have used 1” margins throughout to facilitate storage in two or three ring binders and/or possible publication in a hardbound edition.  The downloaded documents will be in a zipped compressed file format, and will result in an icon on the Windows Desktop if the “save” option is selected.  Clicking on the desktop icon will invoke an unzip program like WinZip or similar utility to expand the file into a text file like XXXX.pdf or XXXX.docx.


        We are in the process of making revisions to almost all of the biographies to incorporate accumulated and previously unpublished changes.  We are also incorporating the information found on the recently released 1940 U.S. Census records.



        To download a file, click the appropriate link, either PDF or Doc:


John Alexander – Mary Thomas (revised August 31st 2014) [ PDF | Doc ]

Matthias Appleman – Sarah Roat (revised October 25th 2014) [ PDF | Doc ]

Charles Dutton – Laura Sutton (revised October 11th 2014) [ PDF | Doc ]

John Dutton – Sarah Abbott (revised June 25th 2014) [ PDF | Doc ]

George Gillispie – Mary Alexander (revised July 25th 2014) [ PDF | Doc ]

William Gillispie – Tabitha Crouch (revised August 31st 2014) [ PDF | Doc ]

Augustin Holland – Hannah Durbin (revised August 30th 2014) [ PDF | Doc ]

Jesse Stanley – Sarah Holland (revised October 23rd 2015) [ PDF | Doc ]

John Stanley – Diadama Clark (revised October 16th 2015) [ PDF | Doc ]

Ira Sutton – Mary Edgerly (revised July 4th 2014) [ PDF | Doc ]

George White – Mary Appleman (revised August 31st 2014) [ PDF | Doc ]

Zeboath White – Susanah Oman (revised August 30th 2014) [ PDF | Doc ]


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